SkiStar – ERV Nordic partnership, Scandinavian ski resort operator

ERV Nordic started a cooperation with the leading Ski resort operator in North Europe, SkiStar, with a Scandinavian market share of 41 % and their base of operations in Norway and Sweden. ERV offers insurance products to SkiStar customers, covering cancellation of accommodation, ski and bike (summer season) insurance, kid’s ski school insurance and more. Winter seasons started in December with ERV promotional activity including billboards, ski lift advertising and digital screen advertising placed at prime positions in the resorts, as well as ski lift queues and centres. The digital presence is high in SkiStar web and online purchase funnels for travel booking. The SkiStar cooperation is important for ERV Nordic, as it diversifies the risk when foreign ministry travel restrictions are limiting the outbound travel flows at this rate. People are looking at domestic travel options, and the domestic travel industry, in which SkiStar is a big player, ERV Nordic can dive into the new domestic travel trend and secure continued premiums. Four months into the winter season, with several months to go and a coming summer season, the forecast so far is an approx. 50 % over delivery. As SkiStar is also developing to a year round resort operation, developing their summer activities and packages, there is also a high potential for an extended two season’s revenue stream. For the summer, cancellation and bike rental insurance are viable products. Latest polls also imply, that around 75 % of Swedes, are looking to spend their summer holiday in Sweden.