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Global reach

ITIA members primarily benefit from international knowledge and good practice sharing, participating in global and cross-border tenders and harmonizing tools towards international customers. This alliance of ITIA members gives a common platform to exchange knowledge and work more efficiently and collectively. The goal is common; to offer the best travel and related insurance solutions to your partners and clients, internationally as well as locally.

Our expertise and global reach makes ITIA members a preferred choice of global travel trade players allowing these to benefit from innovative and locally compliant insurance solutions across multiple geographies. So whether for an international airline, an online travel agent with global operations, a bank, an individual or a multinational corporate, ITIA provides each of its members with a network of insurance companies enabling to offer one stop shop for some of the most innovative and comprehensive travel and related insurance solutions. We are able to provide access to a locally compliant but global travel and related insurance product suite while using advanced data analytics and merchandising tools to enable members offering optimal product solutions to their customers at multiple touch points.

Through its network, ITIA enables its members to offer following solutions

For Airlines and Online Travel Agents

  • Strategic multi-market cooperation – one agreement covering multiple international markets.
  • Locally compliant travel and related insurance solutions with 24/7 worldwide assistance.
  • Ancillary revenue maximisation.
  • Agile Technology Services – API based distribution platform with a single access. Travel insurance products availability in leading GDS systems (Amadeus, Sabre).
  • Product innovation and personalisation.

For Banks

  • Strategic multi-market cooperation – one agreement covering multiple markets.
  • Locally compliant travel and related insurance solutions for credit card and account holders with 24/7 worldwide assistance.
  • Product innovation and personalization.
  • Solution for an individual as well as corporate customers of the bank.

For Individuals

  • Innovative products such as travel & cancellation insurance, event & ticket cancellation insurance and student insurance to name a few with 24/7 worldwide assistance.
  • Fully digital experience from sales to claims management.

For Corporates

  • Locally compliant travel and related insurance solutions for multinational corporations.
  • Innovative products such as corporate travel and cancellation insurance with 24/7 worldwide assistance.
  • Worldwide security and risk mitigation services for traveling employees.
  • Digital solutions such as the Travel Manager App for ease of traveling employees.