International Travel Insurance Alliance (ITIA) is a leading member network of top travel insurers offering locally compliant, innovative and digitally distributed travel and related insurance products and services worldwide. Our members comprise of market leading and established insurance as well as technology driven Insurtech’s companies, which partners and customers are leading travel trade players such as airlines, online travel agents as well as banks, individuals and corporates. Their expertise and global reach makes ITIA network members the preferred choice of travel trade players


ITIA is an alliance of insurance companies (in majority) and other travel trade and related companies (in minority). Members can join this group via invitation. ITIA is centrally administered by ERGO Travel Insurance Germany (ERGO Reiseversicherung AG). We strategically support our members and clients across the world with subject matter expertise backed by over 100 years of experience and extensive research around underwriting, product development, pricing and distribution.

With around 20 members and further partners able to offer solutions on 5 continents, our partners are able to offer comprehensive and compliant travel and related insurance products and services with superior in-house (in most cases) 24/7 worldwide emergency assistance support

Global Reach

Around 20 members and further partners able to offer solutions on 5 continents


Over one third of members have more than 100 years experience in travel insurance

Comprehensive Solutions

Product, Support, Platform and Service


Initially founded in Bern, Switzerland in the year 1933 as "Intereurope", Europe's first Association of Travel Insurers; members of the ITIA bring along history of over 110 years. Max von Engel founded the world’s first travel insurer “The European Goods and Travel Luggage Insurance AG“ in Budapest in the year 1907, which is today's leading member of the ITIA named ERGO Reiseversicherung AG (ERGO Travel Insurance). Since 1933 the Association has gone through several name and brand changes, with maintaining its basic focus on European Travel Insurers, last named as the "European Travel Insurance Group (ETIG)". As part of its global expansion strategy and acknowledgement of the larger ecosystem of providers and solutions relevant for conducting travel insurance business, the ETIG was rebranded to the "International Travel Insurance Alliance (ITIA)" in 2019, with the mission to expand the association’s reach globally and to invite additional international service & solution providers into the fold.

  1. Max von Engel founds the worlds Europe’s first travel insurer “the European Goods and Travel Luggage Insurance AG“ in Budapest.

    Branches opened in Berlin, Milan, Sarajevo, and Monaco.

  2. “European” goes Pan-Europe after world war I and an agreement is made amongst the 20 “European” companies.

  3. Intereurope, Europe's first Association of Travel Insurers, founded in Bern.

  4. IVE - "Internationaler Verein von Europäischen Reiseversicherer" incorp. in Switzerland by 9 of the “European” companies.

  5. The “European” renamed as ERV - “Europäische Reiseversicherung AG“.

  6. “Europe 1992“ led to the formation of International Association of European Travel Insurers (IAE) in Amsterdam.

  7. IAE becomes ETIG (European Travel Insurance Group) with 20 members and insurance premium of about € 782 Mio in 2012.

  8. ERV becomes part of the ERGO Insurance Group within Munich Re.

  9. ETIG becomes the ITIA, expanding it’s member scope to non-European Travel Insurers and international travel insurance service & solution providers.


Bringing together well known domestic brand and local market expertise with specialized international providers and know how. Striving to provide best in class travel and related insurance services and solutions under one common umbrella, the “ITIA”.


"Think Local and Act Global" is what we stand for and what we try to reflect in any solution offered by our association’s members. This is only possible with having locally known and trusted brands acting together as a united front and supported by an international set of selected services & solutions providers.